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Published on 17 July 2023

The new Op Koers magazine is out!

The new edition of our annual Op Koers magazine has appeared. Once again, it’s full of stories from seafarers and former seafarers and tips for retirement.

The cover features Joanna, who loves her work as captain of a gas tanker: ‘The cargo is hazardous, which adds to the sense of responsibility and challenge.’ We visit the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam with retired seafarer Remy. Navigation used to be old-fashioned manual work, he explains.

We also get a preview of Bert's adventures at sea; he’s now retired. Former seafarer Anne talks about transporting cattle, a special cargo. We talk to two Rotterdam boatmen about collaboration between ship and shore. And what's the first thing third mate Sergiu does when he gets home?

Also in this edition: the Pension Council takes a look back at 2022. What went well and what could be better? You can also read about the new pension rules and why you sometimes need to give some thought to your pension.

View the online edition of Op Koers