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Published on 08 February 2018

No elections, proposed appointment board members

As of 1 July 2018, the term in office of two members of the Bpf Koopvaardij board will be ending. The board members in question are Cor van der Sluis and Peter van der Horst. Both have stated their desire to continue performing their tasks. For that reason – and in view of their performance – the Dutch Maritime Platform for Pensioners is nominating them. Other candidates were invited to apply for the vacancies on behalf of pensioners by 19 January at the latest. We received no nominations for other candidates, which is why no elections are held among pensioners. 

Proposed appointment Van der Sluis and Van der Horst
According to the board, Mr. Van der Sluis and Mr. Van der Horst meet all the requirements. In accordance with the rules, they are now appointed without an election being held. Subject to the approval of the regulator (The Dutch Central Bank), they will take their seat from 1 July 2018. They will be responsible for their current portfolios: finance, control and information (IT), and pension matters and communication, in which they already have extensive experience.