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Published on 17 December 2020

No increase in occupational retirement pension; conditional pension (VPL) will be increased

Each year, we assess on the basis of our financial situation whether your pension can increase in line with the cost of living. This will not be possible in 2021. Our financial situation is not quite good enough. However, it will be possible to increase the conditional pension by 4.49%.

You do not pay a contribution for an increase in your pension. Pension increases are paid from investment returns. We have to ensure that we achieve such a return that there is enough money for current and future pensions and an extra reserve. For every euro in pension, there must be at least € 1.10 available. We failed to meet that statutory obligation in 2020 by a small margin. On the reference date (September 2020) the amount available was € 1.09. It will therefore not be possible to increase your pension in 2021.

More money is needed for your pension
The disappointing returns at the beginning of this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak did not play a major role as the financial markets recovered later in the year. In particular, the low interest rate was the cause. Because of the low interest rate, we have to put more money aside for the same pension. This is because when interest rates are low, the growth rate of pension money is slower. As more money is needed for the pensions themselves, there is no financial scope for increasing those pensions.

Conditional pension (VPL) will be increased
If you were born between 1960 and 1972, you may be entitled to an extra pension on the basis of the conditional pension scheme (VPL). We reserve money for this. This reserve is large enough this year to increase the conditional pension by 4.49% as of 1 January 2021.

You can see the level of your pension in My Koopvaardij
The adjusted amount of your (VPL) pension can be found in January in My Koopvaardij (accessible with DigiD or eIDAS) or on your Uniform Pension Overview later this year.

If you do not have a DigiD or eIDAS you can always contact us for your pension calculations.

You can find more information about our financial situation at Financial situation.