Published on 17 December 2020

Overview of percentages and amounts 2021

Each year, we adjust the amounts and percentages for the pension scheme. This may be necessary as a result of changes to the pension scheme rules or decisions made by the employees' and employers' organisations (social partners) in the merchant navy. The figures for 2021 are indicated below.




Pension build-up*



Pension contribution*



Maximum pensionable annual salary

€ 93,498.40 based on 365 days (€ 256.16 per day)

€ 91,071.78 based on 366 days (€ 248.83 per day)

State pension offset (AOW threshold amount over which no pension is built up)

€ 14,545.25 based on 365 days (€ 39.85 per day)

€ 14,167.86 based on 366 days (€ 38.71 per day)

Retirement age

67 jaar

67 jaar

Partner’s pension in the case of your death:**



-    Annual build-up



-    Annual part on a risk basis (is cancelled on retirement or employment outside the merchant navy)




* The stated percentage is calculated on your pensionable salary (less the state pension threshold amount over which no pension is built up).

** The stated percentages are calculated on the occupational retirement pension that you are building up until you turn 67 at the latest.

Less pension build-up in 2021
Due to the low interest rate, the current pension contribution of 25.9% – agreed with the social partners in the merchant navy – will no longer be sufficient for the current pension build-up. This is because if interest rates are low, more money will be needed for the same pension. With the current contribution percentage, we arrive at a pension build-up of 1.233% in 2021. So in 2021, you will build up less pension than in 2020.

The amended pension scheme rules can be found a Downloads (Dutch only) in mid-February 2021.