Published on 09 July 2020

Your 2020 pension overview will be available shortly

If you built up a pension with us in 2019, you will soon be receiving your 2020 Uniform Pension Overview, even if you left employment during 2019. Read your personal overview carefully, because you want to know how much pension you will be receiving later and what your partner and/or children (if any) will receive when you pass away. You will find this important information on your personal overview.

How will favourable or unfavourable economic conditions affect me?
For the first time this year, you will see an estimate of your pension that takes account of favourable or unfavourable economic conditions in the future. This is shown in three amounts: favourable, unfavourable and if the situation remains unchanged.

You can find your UPO online in My Koopvaardij
We will make your pension overview digitally available for you in My Koopvaardij (log in with DigiD or eIDAS*). If you indicated that you would like to receive your post digitally, you will receive an e-mail from us as soon as you can view your UPO.

Would you like to receive your pension post digitally?
If you have indicated that you wish to receive your post on paper or if you have not yet made a choice, you will soon find your UPO in your postbox too. We would like to communicate digitally with you as much as possible. Enter your e-mail address at and indicate your choice at ‘How do I receive my post?’. That saves a lot of paper and stamps. Moreover, you will find all your personal pension information in one place. Simpler, faster and cleaner.

Visit My Koopvaardij to view your current pension situation
This is where you will always find your current pension amounts. You can also use the pension planner to easily calculate the effect of the various pension options. You can, for instance, take early or later retirement.

For more information see UPO frequently asked questions.

*My Koopvaardij can be accessed using an European log-in method (eIDAS). For the current status of approved countries, go to