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Published on 28 April 2022

Your annual pension overview is available

If you built up a pension with us in 2021, we will make your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) digitally available for you in My Koopvaardij (log in with DigiD or eIDAS), even if you left employment during 2021.

If you indicated that you would like to receive your post digitally, you will receive a message from us as soon as your UPO is available for you. If you have indicated that you wish to receive your post on paper or if you have not yet made a choice, you will soon receive your UPO by post too.

You will find this important information on your personal overview:

  • how much pension you have built up in the period up to and including 31 December 2021;
  • what you will receive when you retire;
  • what occupational disability means for your pension accrual;
  • what your partner and children, if any, receive when you die.

Do you have any questions about your UPO? For more information see UPO frequently asked questions or contact our Service Desk.