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Published on 20 February 2023

Your pension scheme in 2023

Each year, employers' and employees' organisations in the Dutch merchant navy and the Bpf Koopvaardij board make decisions regarding your pension. In our latest issue of PensioenPeiling, you can read what these decisions mean for your pension scheme in 2023.

The changes summarised
In PensioenPeiling, we discuss the changes in detail. You will find them summarised below:

  • A partner's pension is arranged for your partner (if any) in the event of your passing. The ratio between the partner's pension that you build up and the part that is insured on a risk basis is changing.
  • The VPL scheme will expire.
  • The retirement age for the membership years pension has been raised.
  • The pension scheme rules clarify that the partner's pension on a risk basis lapses no later than on the standard retirement date (at the age of 67).
  • A child born after the pension has commenced is also entitled to orphan's pension.
  • The possibilities of early retirement or high/low pension have been restricted if the pension falls below the commutation limit as a result.
  • Digital pension application.

View PensioenPeiling 2023 (pdf)