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I am a surviving dependant

At Bpf Koopvaardij, we not only have an occupational retirement pension, but also a partner's pension and an orphan's pension. Surviving dependants may be eligible for such pensions after the death of their partner or parent who has a pension with us. As a surviving dependant, you can therefore receive a pension from us every month.

Partner’s pension and orphan's pension

The partner may be entitled to a partner's pension from the first day of the month in which the person who has a pension with us passes away.

The partner's pension stops when the partner passes away. Children may be eligible for an orphan's pension from the first day of the month of in which the parent member passes away. The orphan’s pension stops when the child reaches the age of 18, unless he or she is studying or following vocational training, in which case the benefit will stop at the age of 27.

Payment dates

Information about the payment dates of surviving dependants' pensions can be found at Payment dates.

Amount of surviving dependants’ pension

If you receive a partner's or orphan's pension from us, you will receive a Uniform Pension Overview each year stating the amount of the pension. You can also find this overview on your personal secure environment My Koopvaardij.