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Relationship and pension

If you are married or if you have a registered partnership prior to retirement, your partner will be automatically entitled to partner's pension. The partner with whom you marry or cohabit after your retirement will not be eligible for a partner's pension after your death. Even if you have been together for years.

Register your partner with us

If you have a notarial cohabitation contract, are married or have a registered partnership, please notify us if you live abroad. Send a copy of your notarial cohabitation contract or your marriage/registered partnership certificate to us. Please note your partner's citizen service number on the document. You will receive a confirmation when we have processed the information. When you die, we will contact your partner.

What will your partner receive after your death?

If you wish to know the amount of the partner's pension, see your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) for pensioners.


Do you wish to know more?

Should your relationship end, it is good to know what this will mean for your pension. For more information, go to You and your partner are separating.