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My Koopvaardij

My Koopvaardij is your personal secure environment at Bpf Koopvaardij. You log in with DigiD or eIDAS and you can see your personal pension situation immediately.

What can you do at My Koopvaardij?

  • Apply for your pension plan in the pension planner.
  • Indicate whether you would like to receive you post digitally. Enter your e-mail address and indicate your choice at ‘Change postal preferences’.
  • You can use the pension planner to calculate what effect the various pension options could have on your pension.
  • You can see what your partner and children, if any, receive when you die. You can see the amount of the partner's and orphan's pension immediately.
  • Transfer pension that you have built up at your previous employers.


Go to My Koopvaardij

Do you wish to know more?

  • You can read everything about logging in with DigiD at
  • You can read everything about the European login method eIDAS at You will also find the status of approved countries.