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Pension 1-2-3

Pension 1-2-3 explains what is and what is not arranged in our pension scheme. That is important to know if you change jobs, become occupationally disabled or get married.

All information about your pension scheme in three layers

  • Layer 1 contains the most important information about your pension. You will receive this information within three months of entering the merchant navy.
  • Layer 2 provides more detailed information about all subjects in layer 1.
  • Layer 3 provides legal and policy-related information about Bpf Koopvaardij. This includes our pension scheme rules.

Do you wish to know more?

  • At My Koopvaardij and on your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO), you will find your personal pension amounts. You can log in using your DigiD or eIDAS.
  • Go to (Dutch only) for a total overview of your state pension and built-up (net) pensions in the Netherlands.
  • The pension comparison tool shows you the differences between two pension schemes. This may be useful, for instance, in the case of a pension transfer. This is transferring the pension that you have built up at other employers.


What is pension?

What is the relevance of a pension scheme?