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Occupational retirement pension

You will receive a lifelong retirement pension starting on the first day of the month in which you turn 67. You will receive this pension each month for the rest of your life. You can take early retirement, from as early as 10 years before your state pension (AOW) age. Or you may postpone your pension until the age of 70 at the latest.

The build-up of your pension

Your income upon retirement consists of three parts: 

  1. Pension from the government
    In the Netherlands, this benefit is regulated by the General Old Age Pensions Act (Algemene Ouderdomswet, AOW). The state pension is paid out by the Dutch Social Insurance Bank. So go to for your state pension age and the amount of your state pension benefit. Remember: You build up state pension only in the years that you live in the Netherlands. The country where you live may also have a government pension (such as the Dutch state pension). Ask the authorities about this in the country in question.
  2. Pension that you build up during your work
    You build up this pension via your employer at pension funds, premium pension institutions and/or insurers.
  3. Your own pension supplement
    You can arrange a supplement yourself to your retirement or state pension, e.g. with a savings or an annuity account if you think that your pension will be insufficient.

The amount of your pension

You can find this amount at My Koopvaardij and on the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) that you receive from us. You will also see the details of the partner's and orphan's pension. This is a pension for your partner or children, if any, when you die. You can also make calculations using the various pension options.

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Right to a net prepension?

Only if you built up pension at Bpf Koopvaardij before 1 January 2015 have you also built up a net prepension. You can have your net prepension paid out between the ages of 62 and 67. Six months before you reach the age of 62, you will receive a letter from us setting out the possibilities. The amount of your net prepension can be found at My Koopvaardij and on your Net prepension overview that you receive annually.

Right to a conditional pension?

If you were born between 1960 and 1972, you will be eligible under certain conditions for conditional extra pension. You will also find this at My Koopvaardij and on your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO). You can find more information at Conditional pension.


Do you wish to know more?

  • At My Koopvaardij, you will always find your up-to-date pension amounts. Here, you can also calculate the effect of the various options on your pension directly.
  • Go to (Dutch only) for a total overview of your state pension and built-up pensions in the Netherlands.
  • See also Pension 1-2-3. There you will find the most important components of our pension scheme explained clearly in three layers (from basics to detail).

What is pension?

What is the relevance of a pension scheme?