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What is shown on the UPO?

The Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) shows your personal details, any partner details, the salary on which your pension is based, when you started building up pension and what you can expect when you retire. You can also see information about your pension build-up and what your partner and/or children, if any, will receive when you pass away.

Your personal details
These are the personal data we have of you. If these details aren’t correct, report this to your employer. Your employer communicates the details to us.

Your partner
If your partner is known to us, you will also see this on your UPO. If you are married or if you are a party to a registered partnership, we are automatically informed of this by your local municipality. If you live abroad or you are intending to cohabit, you must register your partner with us. If the overview states ‘no partner known’ but you do have a partner, check if your partner is eligible for the partner's pension.

Your pension details
Here you will see the salary that counts towards your pension and the salary on which you do not build up a pension: the state pension offset. The state pension offset in 2022 was € 14,804.40. You can also read here the percentage you and your employer pay in contributions. You can also see this on your salary slip.

The amount of your pension
Your pension overview also shows the pension you have built up so far and what you can still build up. We assume that you will retire at the age of 67 and that your build-up will not change. If you have any questions about the build-up, please contact us.

Partner's and orphan's pension
Your pension overview also shows the amounts your partner and children, if any, will receive when you pass away. If you have no partner, you can opt to exchange your partner's pension for a higher pension for yourself when you retire.

Occupationally disabled
You can read here what is arranged if you become occupationally disabled. Depending on the degree of your occupational disability, we will then pay part of your pension contribution. You can find the conditions at You become/are occupationally disabled.

How secure is your pension?
The level of your pension is not fixed. You can read more at Will your pension retain its value? Your pension overview shows your expected pension, an estimate of your pension if things are favourable and if things are unfavourable.

Your factor A
Your pension overview shows your factor A. This is an amount that shows by how many euros your pension has grown in a year. You will need your factor A if you want to calculate your tax scope. You use it when filing your tax return.