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Pension scheme rule changes 2022

The following annual adjustments will be incorporated into your pension scheme rules:


Key figures 2022
The amounts of the maximum pensionable salary, the state pension offset, the commutation limit for small pensions and the percentages of the partner's pension (build-up and risk basis) for 2022. You will find an overview of the 2022 key figures here.


Calculation factors and years
The calculation factors applicable for 2022 are included in the appendices to the 2015 pension scheme rules. For example, bringing forward and postponing factors for occupational retirement pension, exchanging factors for occupational retirement pension and partner's pension.


2015 prepension scheme rules
The commutation and the calculation factors that apply for 2022 are also included in the 2015 prepension scheme rules.


VPL entitlements percentage
In addition to the pension scheme for your occupational retirement pension and surviving dependants’ pension, Bpf Koopvaardij also has a conditional pension scheme (VPL scheme). As of 1 January 2022, the VPL entitlements have been increased. You can read more about this on this page. For that reason, the percentage of the VPL entitlements in the pension scheme rules has been adjusted from 13.82% to 14.56%.


We are also incorporating the following changes into your pension scheme rules:


Salary of €0 is not taken into account for the partner's pension
In the event of passing, the partner's pension will be partly based on the level of occupational retirement pension to be achieved in the future. That pension will be based on the weighted sum of all daily wages in the year of passing. The pension scheme rules now state that periods with a salary of €0 are not taken into account. This means that a lower partner's pension due to these periods is avoided.


Authentication of civil-law notary's signature in case of exchange of partner's pension no longer necessary
Upon retirement, it is possible to convert the partner's pension into a higher occupational retirement pension. The consequence of this exchange is that the partner's pension becomes lower or even €0 if the partner's pension is fully exchanged for a higher occupational retirement pension. As the partner's pension is intended for the partner, he or she must agree to this exchange by means of a signature. Previously, the signature had to be authenticated by a civil-law notary. From now on, this is no longer necessary.


Postponement of pension
The pension scheme rules now state that if the pension has not been applied for by the age of 67, it will be automatically postponed until the age of 70 at the latest. Application for a postponement is no longer necessary. If the pension not applied for until after the age of 70, the pension will start retroactively from the age of 70. Due to the postponement from 67 to 70 years of age, there will be an increase in the pension. If the pension is not applied for until after the age of 70, the option of first a higher and then a lower pension can no longer be used.


Incoming pension transfer
In the case of an incoming pension transfer, the value of the transferred pension is converted into an occupational retirement pension with a corresponding (notional) partner's pension of 91.1%. This used to be 70%. The percentage of 91.1% is the level of the total partner's pension at Bpf Koopvaardij.


Membership years pension
The membership years pension (MYP) is being adjusted to the increasing state pension age. The MYP means that employees who have built up more than 40 years of pension (membership years) can retire earlier. The state pension age will rise to 66 years and seven months in 2022. Therefore, the number of required membership years will be increased to 41 7/12 and the MYP age to 64 years and 7 months (in 2021 it was 41 1/3 and 64 years and 4 months, respectively).


Pension scheme rules
You can find all pension scheme rules at under ‘Reglementen en statuten’ (Dutch only). You can also request the pension scheme rules by telephone from our Service Desk via +31 88 007 98 99.